SCORPION - 19 min

A psychological portrait of a young soldier with survivors guilt; unable to adapt he destroys everything he loves.

Watch the trailer here : SCORPION

SKIN - 16 min

A true story set over a single night. We follow Leo into a world of violence and manipulation as he tries to do what he thinks is right. SKIN examines many cinema conceits as it explores the relationship between audience expectation and the act of voyeurism.

Watch the trailer here : SKIN 

NORTH - 22 min

Isolated on a farm and fighting against his family’s decision, Aaron struggles to be heard as he watches his mother willingly die.

Watch the trailer here: NORTH


WW2 has ended, two soldier Val and Andy are on the tail end of there last mission. They yearn for home and reflect on the war but soon find themselves in harms way when they are confronted by one of its victims.

Watch the trailer here: WITHDRAWAL